The Internet of Water (IoW)

RealiteQ – advanced Smart Water Network solution RealiteQ is the most advanced Smart Water Network solution available today. With RealiteQ you can manage better crisis events by having Real-time warnings for exceptional events. You have the ability to Manage & Control remotely all system components. The real-time Information enables improved service, quick reaction time to malfunctions. By RealiteQ contributes to better and safer management of both simple and complex water, wastewater and energy networks

Internet of water 2
RealiteQ IoW technology is a true Smart Water Network (SWAN) technology which is a part of the smart city concept. The simplicity of the installation and use, as well as its reasonable cost (CAPEX & OPEX) makes RealiteQ affordable & available for all utilities.

RealiteQ technology – real end-to-end RDM solution 

RealiteQ is End to end Web SCADA solution (Telemetry & HMI software) & service which was developed as an end-to-end information and communication technology (ICT) that gathers and controls critical & operational data, in real-time, for water networks, analyzers, and controllers. 

The technology consists of a site module (Gateway), communication, server, historical server, real-time User Interface (UI), alarm handling, and report generator, which allows serial, Ethernet, or I/O interfaces to connect the control system. Real-Time communication, Bi-directional communication, supports standard protocols (like Modbus serial RTU, Modbus TCP, Allen Bradley serial DF1, Siemens TCP, General Electric SNPX serial, and more).

Internet of Water
RealiteQ Cloud-based SCADA dramatically lower the costs associated with a traditional SCADA system while improving the system’s reliability. Cloud computing platform enables water and wastewater utilities to deploy redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities far beyond that found in the typicalwater and wastewater IT department .


RealiteQ solution makes the SCADA technology available to any user in any size anywhere in any level of IT capabilities:

  • Affordable – Low CAPEX (as no infrastructure is needed) and low OPEX (No maintenance). No IT capabilities needed
  • User friendly – Easy and fast installation and use
  • Integrative – Can be connected to almost any existing equipment (sensors, analysers, PLC…) and third party software
  • One stop shop – End to end (telemetry & HMI), Bi & multi directional, historian data base, reports and alarms
  • Safe & Secured – Real time system which provide maximum efficiency and operational safety.
    Generate operational alerts for system failures & security alerts for unauthorized remote or on site operation (HLS).

Real time, remote control & monitoring

NCG is a leading developer of the new generation of SCADA and telemetry solutions. Partnered with a global SCADA leader - RealiteQ


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OEM Request

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, is a term that is heard most often within two industries: the automotive industry and the IT industry. The meaning of this term has evolved over time and today is used to refer different things. In our case, OEM refers to a RealiteQ technology component to be used by another company to build a whole system. OEM is important part of our portfolio and today you can find our technology imbedded in large variety of usage and users; energy saving equipment for buildings, in cooling towers, in chemical dosing systems, industrial and agriculture water desalination systems, electrical car charging stations.. Today RealiteQ is successfully used (as OEM) by global & American leading enterprises such as Jonson Control, Schneider-Electric, City bank, Coca-Cola, Tesla, Unilever, L'Oreal, Solenis, Hercules...

Distributor Request

Since 2000 RealiteQ solution is successfully installed and operates in thousands of sites in five continents around the globe at governmental, public and private customers sits. The global installations were done directly by RealiteQ or via Global Enterprises who combined the RealiteQ solution in their own solutions. Today, RealiteQ is looking to expand its global activities and we are looking for new local distributors from around the world to strengthen our global distribution network. If you find yourself qualified to become our distributor, please fill in the contact from.


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